About Handicap Driver Training

A Commitment to Your Independence and Safety

Handicap Driver Training is committed to our client's independence and driving safety. Our program assists experienced drivers and first time drivers who have acquired or have a developmental disability. For seasoned elderly drivers, we offer a complete reassessment of driving skills so that clients and their families can be assured they are driving safely. Vehicle modifications or adaptive equipment will be recommended as needed to make driving as hassle-free as possible and assess driving safety through clinical and behind-the-wheel evaluations.

The Handicap Driver Training Program offers:

  • Driver training
  • Adaptive equipment training
  • Driving procedure instruction
  • Safety training
  • Clinical driving evaluation
  • Medical, social and driving history
  • Physical assessment
  • Vision screening
  • Reaction-time measurement
  • Functional mobility assessment
  • Cognitive screening
  • Behind-the-wheel evaluation conducted in a training vehicle
  • Assessment of basic driving skills during traffic conditions
  • Adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications assessment

Frank Boutelle, President

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