Programs offered

  • Comprehensive Evaluation with Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (Physician referral required)
    - Part 1: Assessment of cognitive, vision, and physical abilities.
    - Part 2: Behind-The-Wheel Evaluation
  • Adaptive Equipment Evaluation (with written recommendations)
  • Basic Behind-The-Wheel Evaluation ​
  • Behind-The-Wheel Training
  • Behind-The-Wheel Training with adaptive equipment
  • Equipment/Vehicle fitting with the mobility company ​​
  • PCoaching for written permit
  • Teen driving
  • Seniors driving

Why is an Evaluation Important?

The first step is the absolute most important. We cannot fully begin to overcome errors if we do not know what they are. With the evaluation, we will determine if any, and what type of adaptive equipment is needed in order to drive safe.

The next step is a behind-the-wheel evaluation. We drive directly to you in a vechicle equiped with multiple types of adaptive equipment. This is still only an evaluation and should not be considered a test in anyway, we are here for you and simply want to provide you with an assessment of your abilities and what will need to be the focus of training, including any limitations you may be facing. To conclude the evaluation, we discuss how many training lessons are needed if any.

NMEDA is an association for the mobility companies that have set the industry standards. Those standards include evaluations for all that need any modification to their vehicle. In the past, there were some mobility companies installing the wrong equipment. The end result of this was accidents and lawsuits. To avoid the latter, the Industry has set these standards to protect the clients and themselves by requesting an evaluation by a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

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